So it beings…

For months, I have been working towards a goal… I wanted to learn how to build a blog.  I’ve learned ASP.NET Core, Angular, Linux Administration.  I built a server, and then a server cluster.  I’ve taken courses from Pluralsight, I’ve Built, scrapped and rebuilt single page applications, but I was finding that the more I learned, the more there was to learn.  It was never going to be good enough.  And to be honest, their are group efforts out there that will make my best solo effort look weak.

Therefore, wordpress.   I had the infrastructure to host the site already, i’ve spent the last 8 months learning how to use Nginx and MySQL.  I had 2 entirely separate LEMP stacks available and ready.  I stopped building out a complete website, and I’ll instead I’ll let WordPress do content delivery, and I’ll focus on the fun stuff.

I’m still going to finish building my blog/news site, but as an experimental project now.  I will publish my results and my source, and I will learn.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to review my current stack and some interesting interactions I have seen.  I will layout the current state of the lessons, and my current project.  In short, i’m going to bore whoever happens upon this site… some how… with my hobby.

It’s going to be grand.

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Alicia · September 12, 2017 at 12:29 pm

Keep plugging away!!!

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