This is an instance of GitLab running on a local Ubuntu VM.  I wanted the ability to maintain private repo’s without paying git hub.  I went with GitLab because it offered a comprehensive solution, much better than a simple git repo using htaccess.  I utilize Digital Ocean’s Spaces to backup everything off site. 

Algorithm Demonstration

Application built on ASP.NET Core SPA template.  Angular Client and .NET Core web API back end. Deployed with in a Docker instance.

GitLab Repos

Training.General.Algorithms – ASP.NET Core SPA (Uses Angular CLI)

Local and Remote Services

I utilize and experiment with both local and remote resources.  I run a Xen bare metal server locally, but I also utilize Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services. 

WordPress Sites

I am hosting two additional WordPress sites, providing basic maintenance and site layouts for the owners.  The sites are hosted on Digital Ocean droplets with weekly backups.

Main Site

Angular and ASP.NET Core application to handle a welcome page, an about page, and a blog.

GitLab Repos

Casperinc.MainSite.API – ASP.NET Core
Casperinc.MainSite.WebApp – Angular CLI

Identity Provider

Identity Service designed to handle user authentication/authorization across multiple distinct api services.

  • Allows for a single control point for logins for different and possibly unrelated services.
  • Allows for introspection communication from backing APIs to confirm tokens.

GitLab Repos

Casperinc.IdentityProvider.API – ASP.NET Core