C# Extension Method

Recently I’ve been working my way through @KevinDockx‘s excellent PluralSight course on Building a RESTful API in ASP.NET Core. First and foremost, i recommend @KevinDockx‘s courses on plural sight. His courses are well organized and come with excellent source examples.  Kevin’s course have taught me a lot, and I will be reviewing Read more…

.Net Core – Configuration Objects

Decoupling My Configurations

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple months re-thinking the configuration settings in my .net applications.  I love .net core’s configuration setup.  It is a breeze to set up, and it allows you to easily change application behavior without changing source.  I came across this concept while hunting down how to work Kestrel’s HTTPS settings after upgrading to .Net Core 2.0.  Like a bunch of developers, I discovered that I could no longer just pass in an HTTPS address as an application argument.  Luckily I was able to find a brilliant solution provided by the user raffaeler.  Raffler’s  solution, that i’ll dig into another time, was outstanding, and it is also what introduced me to the concept of Configuration Objects.


Implementing pending changes

So I ran into an unexpected issue after I implemented the new project design.  I had changed the projects access from https://www.casperinc.dev to https://projects.casperinc.dev.   This broke my CORS settings in my API that backed the Main Site project.  So…. It’s been awhile since I had promoted changes to the Read more…

A Start

So it beings… For months, I have been working towards a goal… I wanted to learn how to build a blog.  I’ve learned ASP.NET Core, Angular, Linux Administration.  I built a server, and then a server cluster.  I’ve taken courses from Pluralsight, I’ve Built, scrapped and rebuilt single page applications, Read more…